Amiyah's Adoption, A to Z


Annabelle animatedly announced Amiyah's adoption:

Beautiful beggar's baby birthday bash!

Christians congregate, come celebrate!

Delightful dainty dancing dogs!

Excited enthusiastic evangelistic envoy,

Fearless faithful fishermen friends!

God-given grace grants gratitude--

Hopping holy holiday hosannas!

Inheriting immediate inspiration,

Jehovah-jireh joyful jubilee!

Karaoke kids keying kazoos--

Liberally lighthearted laughing loose!

Merry majestic mirthful moppets--

Newborns, neighbors, nieces nicely networked!

Old oiled onions on oxidizing oaks--

Perfectly paired Pentecostal picnic pickles!

Quickly quantify quality quartets--

Righteously remorse--repent, release, rejoice!

Sincerely singing special Spiritual songs:

Tactfully teaching, totally telling--

United, unselfish, upright--understood--

Victorious Vine, vitally vigilant!

Worshipping, weeping, walking, wisely watching:

eXuberantly eXalting eXceedingly eXcited!

Youthful yearning, yelling yippee!

Zestfully zealously zippy.


Submitted as an example for FaithWriters Mini-Challenge #3: The A to Z Challenge.
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--bro. tim pickl
Monday March 31, 2008 A.D.

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