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Whosoeverville   posted November 14, 2002 A.D.  -- written © Summer 2001
         A variation of the classic story The Grinch who Stole Christmas

The Wonderful Witness of Uz
   Posted on Faithwriters -- Written Autumn 2005 A.D.
         A Modern "3 Acts" Play based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the first 4 chapters of the Book of Acts

All in the Family of God - Archie Bunker goes to Church   (Microsoft Word document)  November 6, 2005 A.D.
         A short Christmas-season play based on television's All in the Family characters

The Joyful Sound of Music
   (Microsoft Word document)  November 26, 2005 A.D.
         A joyful variation of The Sound of Music

On the Road to Jericho   (Text Document)  August 8, 2006 A.D.
           A Modern version of the parable of the Good Samaritan

Nicodemus: Secret Friend of Jesus  (Microsoft Word document)   August 16, 2006 A.D.
           The story of Nicodemus, who asked Jesus the famous question, "How can I be born again?"

The Compassion of the Christ
  (Microsoft Word document)   October 3, 2006 A.D.
            A One Act Play portraying Christ’s Sermon on the Mount in a modern setting

Simon the Serv-Ant
   (Microsoft Word document)   December 7, 2006 A.D.
            A wonderful children's play, starring several hard-working "ants"

Charlie Chan and the Mystery of God   April 7, 2007 A.D.
          Charlie receives the revelation of the greatest Mystery of all

How Great Thou Art - The Three Stooges as Church Art Dealers   April 12, 2007 A.D.
              The 3 Stooges are Church Art Dealers and get more than they bargained for

The Golden City Conspiracy   May 12, 2007 A.D.
                An Endtime story--could be a play!

Can't Stop Praising His Name
  (Text Document)  October 1, 2007 A.D.
         An Easter play, using existing church songs

Sanford and Son:  Esther's Story
    October 13, 2007 A.D.
         The story of Esther in the Bible who shares the same name as the Esther character in television's Sanford and Son

American Choir   January 19, 2008 A.D.
          A Christian version of American Idol

Warring Voices   February 2, 2008 A.D.
          Steven faces the warring voices in his head

The Whatchamacallit   February 5, 2008 A.D.
          Could be a skit--what was it called?  That--Whatchamacallit--

Pirates of the Mediterranean:  Blackheart's Brainstorm   February 18, 2008 A.D.
          After traveling forward in time to the present, the mighty 17th century pirate ship Black Raven is caught by the Greek
          (Hellenic) Coast Guard. They escape by going back in time--too far back--to the first century. There they encounter
          the prison barge that is transporting Paul the Apostle.

Greedsburg   April 4, 2008 A.D.
           Could be a skit!

K-REV Family-Friendly Christian Radio   June 2, 2008 A.D.
           A revelation of what 'home' is by a Radio reporter

The Three Miracles of 'Messiah'    July 28, 2008 A.D.
           Could be a play!

The Marcia Marcia Marcia Show    September 15, 2008 A.D.
            A fun skit with Marcia and Bobby Brady (of The Brady Bunch) and Archie and Edit Bunker (of All in the Family)

Good News in Bethlehem   November 29, 2008 A.D.
             Christmas-themed skit.

Charlie and Rusty   February 9, 2009 A.D.
              A comedy skit:  Charlie and Rusty consider going to South America

Schoville   March 9, 2009 A.D.
             A two-act evangelistic skit, based in Africa

KREV Christian Radio: Beauty for Ashley   April 7, 2009 A.D.
              A revelation of the beauty of Christian Radio Ministry, reaching out to a lost soul

Bob and Marcia's Cheap Date   April 13, 2009 A.D.
               Crabby Bob has an eye-opening experience when Marcia suddenly falls to the floor...

Bob and Marcia's Bittersweet Reunion   June 2, 2009 A.D.
               Bob is bitter, but has a double sweet experience at the end

Baby Steps   August 24, 2009 A.D.
             A Pastor has a guest on his television show:  a mother who had to give up her baby to an E.R. in a local hospital

FIRST FALL   August 31, 2009 A.D
             A story based in the garden of Eden:  when sin enters the world, it causes the first Autumn/"Fall".

The Never Ending Summer     September 8, 2009 A.D.
A granny recalls one summer in her childhood to her granddaughter

Bob and Marcia's First Acts of Retirement     September 14, 2009 A.D.
                Bob and Marcia, newly retired, decide to act on their faith and join Meals on Wheels

Out of Darkness     October 17, 2009 A.D.
                A simple skit, portraying the battle between the Voice of Darkness and the Voice of Light

Bob and Marcia's Yellow Paper Drive     November 14, 2009 A.D.
                 Marcia convinces crabby Bob to help start a Paper Drive, but Joette...

Ripe Bananas     November 27, 2009 A.D.
                Simple skit showing a busy Sarah (Mom) finally explaining to little Eden (daughter) the spiritual meaning of ripe bananas...

The Dark and Eerie Forest     January 30, 2010 A.D.
               A skit inspired by The Wonderful Witness of Uz, focusing on the actors practicing the Dark and Eerie Forest scene

Wonderful Reunion  (Microsoft Word document)   February 6, 2010 A.D.
               Two teens (old friends) have a wonderful reunion at a Youth Convention

How much does it cost?  (Microsoft Word document)   February 7, 2010 A.D.
               A one act play with 2 scenes:  Teen Counseling Scene; Chapel Scene.

Distinctly Different     February 13, 2010 A.D.
               An unwanted, misfit girl at school is born again, becoming distinctly different.

Judge Judy Ann     March 6, 2010 A.D.
               An Judge-mental, gossiping saint learns a valuable lesson about her snooty first impression of a guest singer at church.

Alexander's Hope     March 13, 2010 A.D.
               Alexander, an imaginary character in Ancient Greece, tells his story in this one person, one act skit.  Includes Captain Blackheart.

Pirates of the Mediterranean:  NxGen Nancy     April 10, 2010 A.D.
              After traveling backward in time to the 17th Century, Nancy meets Captain Blackheart on the mighty pirate ship The Black Raven.
              While showing the Captain the “NxGen” time displacement device, they are transported to 760BC, where they meet Jonah, the Preacher.

Bob and Marcia Meet the Sidewalk Prophet     April 17, 2010 A.D.
               Bob and Marcia go downtown shopping and meet a mysterious stranger, reading from the Bible...

KREV Christian Radio:  Operation Faith Lift     May 1, 2010 A.D.
               K-REV Christian Radio announces their new give-away promotion: Operation Faith Lift.
               Ashley, one of the recipients of the promotion, calls in for help.

The Reviewer     May 8, 2010 A.D.
              Two FaithWriters face the mysterious Reviewer with their stories.  Who could He be?

Herald The Son Times     May 31, 2010 A.D.
               Have you ever thought about that great day when the church was born on that Day of Pentecost?
               Here’s something to ponder. What would it be like to be in the Angelic Dispatching Command Center?
               Let’s see how busy the angels are now while Peter is in the middle of his sermon in the
               Book of Acts, Chapter 2, as we call it today.

Great Minds     June 12, 2010 A.D.
             Skit:  Pastor Rick’s family enters TheChristianWriters.com annual writing contest.

Carol the Consult-Ant   (Microsoft Word document)   June 20, 2010 A.D.
            A delightful play for all ages, starring several hard-working "ants"

Rachel's Story     August 28, 2010 A.D.
              We watch Rachel as she works through the raw emotional stages of grief.

Bob and Marcia's Morning Meditations     September 5, 2010 A.D.
            Marcia decides to have some friends over for dinner without first consulting with Bob.

KREV Christian Radio - Inner Man on the Street Interviews     September 12, 2010 A.D.
            K-REV Christian Radio is broadcasting live “inner man on the street” interviews.
            K-REV’s roaming reporter Ann calls in with the latest answers.

The Genesis:  CyberCom Central Command     November 7, 2010 A.D.
            Sarah (Call Center Employee) asks Frank (Call Center Manager) for an emergency meeting to discuss layoff rumors.

Bob and Marcia get Mesmerized     November 13, 2010 A.D.
            Bob and Marcia begin Thanksgiving Day with their new television and something strangely silent happens.

On the Phone Again     November 20, 2010 A.D.
            A typical Saturday morning at Rob and Melissa’s house; but something is terribly wrong.

Bob and Marcia's First Love     January 30, 2011 A.D.
             Joette (Bob and Marcia's granddaughter) remind Bob and Marcia--who have withdrawn from each other--of their first love.

BY2k:  True Interconnectedness     February 6, 2011 A.D.
             K-REV Christian Radio announces a new interview with Dr. Frank Hamilton, who wrote a book entitled BY2K.

Captain Cliché     February 28, 2011 A.D.
              Written in "blog" format; the conversation could be presented as a skit.

Just Before Midnight   March 5, 2011 A.D.
              A rapture story - written in a countdown story format; the conversations could be presented as a skit.

Revenge of the serpent   April 9, 2011 A.D.
              A story showing the conversation of satan and his minions as the Holy Ghost is poured out; the conversations could be presented as a skit.

Stay in the Race   Saturday May 14, 2011 A.D.
              A "backslider" pleads with the audience to stay in the Christian race and NOT be a dropout; could be presented as a one person skit.

Checkout Counter  (a "Bob and Marcia" skit)  Saturday June 11, 2011 A.D.
              Bob and Marcia are on vacation, staying at a premium hotel. Marcia miraculously wins the call-in portion
                   of the all-new television game show: Checkout Counter.

KREV Christian Radio - Much Ado About Nuttin   Saturday July 30, 2011 A.D.
             K-REV Christian Radio does a “man on the street” interview with Bob and Marcia about prayer.

Purse Sueded     Saturday September 3, 2011 A.D.
             Written in short story form, this "QVC" or "HSN" inspired piece could be presented as a skit.

Bob and Marcia's Reconciliation     Saturday September 17, 2011 A.D.
             Murray stops by Bob and Marcia’s house to video record their testimony.

Search Engine Now!     Sunday October 9, 2011 A.D.
             Mah is video-recording her son Gulliber to win a Mechanics Online Contest for "Search Engine Now!"

UtterHavoc     Saturday November 19, 2011 A.D.
             High-Level Homeland Security computer download/upload conversation between Paul and Sherry; could be used as a skit.

HSMS Resolutions     Saturday January 21, 2012 A.D.
               How the four characters [Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength] interact and react to New Year Resolutions.

Dino the Kid     Saturday January 28, 2012 A.D.
               Conversation between Dino the Kid [Elisha] and Elijah the Preacher; set in the Old West; could be used as a skit

Lifetime Achievement Award     Saturday March 10, 2012 A.D.
               Tiffany and Addie, Hostesses the first annual High School Academy Awards, present a special award to Marcia... and Bob.

Goodrich Gold Saturday April 28, 2012 A.D.
              Busy Mr. Goodrich interacts with his Secretary, Liberty and his doctor, Dr. Heinrich - Mr. Goodrich fins out he has cancer:
              written in dialogue form; could be used as a skit.

SIRI-us  Sunday June 3, 2012 A.D.
             Interaction between the main Character and SIRI (Apple iPhone app) in the near future; could be used as a skit.

In Da Kitchen with Marcia Mae  Saturday July 14, 2012 A.D.
                Murray is video-recording Marcia for the first episode for her new online show,
                ‘In Da Kitchen with Marcia Mae’, and they are interrupted by Bob.

KREV Christian Radio - Embarrassing Moment   Monday August 27, 2012 A.D.
                K-REV Christian Radio Announcers Michael and Jacob—stars of the famous Mike and Jake’s Morning Show—has an embarrassing moment.  

The Bee Attitudes  Saturday October 13, 2012 A.D.
           A short skit with Jesus speaking the main "Blessed be"s from the sermon on the mount, with "bees" acting them out.

The Psalm 23 Cup  Saturday October 20, 2012 A.D.
           K-REV Christian Radio Announcers Jacob interacts with K-REV’s reporter Becca with a startling breaking news K-REVelation.

Maddie's Steps  Friday November 30, 2012 A.D.
           Maddie, a scared, pregnant teenager, wrestles with a major decision.  Written as dialogue; could be used as a skit.

KREV Christian Radio - The Big K-REVelation   Saturday January 5, 2013 A.D.
           K-REV Christian Radio Announcers Michael and Jacob—stars of the famous Mike and Jake’s Morning Show—has a flat-out “revelation” moment.

Coma's End     Saturday February 23, 2013 A.D.
             A "Bob and Marcia" hilarious/serious skit:  Marcia is in a coma and is healed by God.

Mr. Click-It     Saturday April 20, 2013 A.D.
              With the television remote in his hand on his birthday, Bob and Marcia wrangle over which shows to watch; could be used as a skit.

Real Revelations Monday September 9, 2013 A.D.
            K-REV Christian Radio Announcers Michael and Jacob—stars of the famous Mike and Jake’s Morning Show—has an expert “revelation” moment.

 Surely goodness and mercy   Sunday June 1, 2014 A.D.
a fictional skit about the story of Barabbas, the thief who was shown mercy when Jesus was crucifed.

 Bob's Decision for Christ   Monday August 4, 2014 A.D.
                    a short skit: Bob makes an eternal life decision while watching television.


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