In the Last Days, A to Z

A mazing things are happening every day in the earth:
B elievers are seeing the truth and there is new birth;
C alling up the Name of Jesus in the waters of baptism,
D eclaring there is no other Name by which we are saved.
E xcept a man be born again he cannot see God’s kingdom:
F ollow The Way the apostles preached and be born again!
G iving up the traditions of men not found in God’s Word:
H elping others to see The Truth by speaking it in love.
I n the last days the Bible says perilous times will come:
J ust know that salvation is only by faith in Jesus’ Name;
K eeping ourselves washed by water by the Word of God:
L et us stand in the evil day, putting on the armor of God;
M oving forward as the Spirit of God leads us to others;
N ever giving up hope reaching out to our lost brothers.
O pportunity abounds as we walk through the open door:
P eople trapped in guilt and shame and sin need the Lord.
Q uietly we go about our Father’s business serving Him;
R emembering that the joy of the Lord is our strength.
S urrendering our will to Jesus so His will be done;
T eaching others that The Father and The Son are One;
U nderstanding the revelation of who Jesus is—there
V erifying He is the Mighty God and Everlasting Father.
W oe to those who resist and try to lead others astray;
X yridaceous, shallow gossipers ranting and raving:
Y our time will come and you will be judged by The Judge:
Z ero time left: Repent! It is your time to divulge.


--bro. tim pickl
Tuesday September 4, 2012 A.D.

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