Honest Abe Weekes - A to Z

Ace Pitcher “Honest” Abe Weekes nervously looked at the signal and nodded;

Big” Ben Johnson stood at bat at home plate, sweating, waiting for the final pitch.

‘Curve ball’, down and away is delivered and “Big” Ben reached with a big swing;

Dust flew as the catcher grabbed the ball as the umpire called, “Strike!” and “Yer out!”

Ecstatic, Abe threw his glove into the air and ran toward home plate screaming “YES!”

Fans on their feet clapped, cheered and danced because history was made that day…

Give it up for ‘Honest’ Abe Weekes!” barked the baseball park announcer.

High fives and congratulations were in abundance as the baseball season ended.

It had been weeks—several weeks—since the last no hitter in the Major Leagues;

Just tell it to me straight, Abe, what does this no hitter mean to you and this team?

Kyle, first I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity.

Last year, we got close to getting further into the playoffs; but when we lost…

My, oh my—I’m sorry—I didn’t think I’d be this emotional during your interview…

“’Next year’, I said, and kept on saying it and kept on believing it and doing it.

Our team—not just me, Kyle—our team came together as onewe believed it!

Put yourself in my shoes—how would you feel—struggling night after night?

Quitting this year was NOT an option—we were determined together to fight.

Run—but run toward the giants you face, in the name of the Lord, like David!

So, Abe—what kept you ‘honest’ throughout the season and into the playoffs?”

Totally surrender yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ—always make Him first.”

Until today, weeks had gone by since you gave interviews—why the silence?”

Very early in the season, I decided to remove all distractions so I could focus.”

Well, ‘Honest’ Abe, sir, you deserve all the honors you’ve worked so hard for.”

Xerox this, Kyle:  we’re going to repeat this season next year, just watch us.”

You know what, Abe, I believe you! Now, I’ve heard a rumor that you’ve all become—” 

Zealots?  This is the way I see it:  we believe it, and then we do it, just like Acts.”


--bro. tim pickl   
Saturday February 12, 2011 A.D.

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