Christian's Tribulation, A to Z

“Accept ME now as your lord and god! Bow down now and worship only ME.”

Christian stood his ground and refused, saying nothing.

“Dispose of him!” roared Anubis the antichrist with an angry wave of his hand.

“Exterminate him in the usual manner, your majesty?” questioned the Executioner.

Furious, Anubis instantly stood up, narrowly knocking over the Jerusalem temple throne.
Grabbing a handgun out of the holster of a nearby bodyguard, Anubis raised and aimed it.

Horrified, Christian passed out—he wasn’t expecting Anubis to act this way—

Immediately, Christian woke up from this recurring nightmare, sweating profusely.
“Jesus, please help me—help us--to face these days of mock trials and troubling tribulation.”

Kneeling now near his cot, Christian wept.

Lifting up his head, Christian blinked away tears as his cell phone rang.

“Megan?--yeah, I’m okay--just had that awful nightmare again.”

“Never give up.”
Megan encouragingly expressed.

“Oh, I know, I know.”

“Please tell me you are not going to—“

“Quit?”  Christian asked, incredulously.


“Stop by—we need to talk.”

“Talk to you when I get there.”

Under a starry sky, Megan circumspectly ambled down the back roads.

Vividly aware of the dangers of venturing out past curfew, she softly prayed.

Walking into Christian’s cave, Megan was relieved to finally be out of sight.

“Excuse my mess—“ Christian said, smiling. “—we should go meet the others and pray.”

“Yes, I was thinking the same thing on the way over here.”

Zion will prevail.”  Christian confidently added, picking up his tattered Bible.




Submitted as an example for FaithWriters Mini-Challenge #3: The A to Z Challenge.
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--bro. tim pickl
Sunday March 30, 2008 A.D.

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