Abby's Birthday Balloons, A to Z


Abby gleefully bounced through the 26 sparkly birthday party balloons.
"Bawooonz! Bawoooooonz!"

Christy, owner of Christy's Christian Child Care laughed right along with Abby.
"Dance, Abby, dance baby! Dance!"

Energetically, Abby chased the alphabet balloons around in circles
with her chubby arms.
Finally, she fell down, giggling and giggling.

"Good girl, good big girl!" Christy teasingly tickled Abby.

Her eyes sparkled like the balloons.

"It's almost time for good-big-girl birthday cake!"

Just then, Christy's sister Sandi appeared in the doorway.
"Keep it quiet in here! Laughing is definitely NOT allowed." barked Sandi, with a wink.

Motioning to Abby, now wiping tears from her eyes, Christy replied
with a sneer, "Go ahead and try to keep her quiet!"

"No, no, no--I was just kidding."

"Oh, no you weren't!" Christy shot back, kidding her back.

"Party time for Abby is always a hoot!" Sandi added.

"Queen for a day!" Christy said in a false London accent..

Rolling now by their feet, Abby looked up begging the ladies
with large, teary brown eyes.

"She's probably hungry for cake." Sandi said, guessing.

"Teachers get to eat some, too!" exclaimed Christy, carefully picking up Abby.

"Usually, mentally challenged kids aren't this far along." Sandi said, more to herself.

"Victory in Jesus, My Savior forever!" Christy sang, walking toward the cake.

"Wait, wait--let me go get my digital camera."

eXcited, Abby bounced and fell into the cake with more giggles.

"You're such a silly, silly girl--just a silly philly!"

"bawooonZ! bawoooooonZ!" shrieked Abby, chasing the balloons with cake crumbs
and frosting all over her face and hands.

Submitted as an example for FaithWriters Mini-Challenge #3: The A to Z Challenge.
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--bro. tim pickl
Wednesday April 2, 2008 A.D.

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